California's Top Real Estate Pros Share Tips For 2024 Home Sellers

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USA News PR November 01, 2023
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California's Top Real Estate Pros Share Tips For 2024 Home Sellers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE California's Top Real Estate Pros Share Tips For 2024 Home Sellers Stockton CA, November 1, 2023 ( - As the real estate market in California continues to thrive, homeowners looking to sell in 2024 can benefit from the advice of top real estate and mortgage professionals in the state. According to these three leading Real Estate Agents and Lenders who have collectively helped hundreds of home buyers in California, the following tips can significantly enhance a homeowner's chances of selling their property quickly and at a desirable price. Nichole Montrouil with The Royalty Group of Keller Williams advises, "Always do the leg work upfront. Get those inspections done to get a clean offer and not have to negotiate later. Buyers second guess their choices one a home during the inspection process. If a seller has zero wiggle room and repairs are needed on their home it’s best to know before listing so you can either adjust the price, give a seller credit, or fix the repairs." Daniel Sosa, owner of Central Valley Mortgage Group says, "Even though it seems backwards, it's a smart idea for homeowners to get pre-approved for a new loan before listing their current home for sale. We can use the expected profit as the down payment and make sure everything goes smooth for you to get into a new home once your current house sells." Normal Halstead with the Halstead Real Estate Team suggests, "Work with a knowledgeable Realtor® in the California real estate market. Hiring an experienced Realtor® who understands the local market can make a significant difference. They can provide valuable insights, negotiate on your behalf, and guide you through the entire selling process. Ask real estate agents you interview about their online marketing plan because it is essential in today's digital world. Utilize professional photography and social media platforms to showcase your property's best features and reach a wider audience." These expert tips, shared by California's leading real estate agents and Lenders, aim to empower homeowners looking to sell their properties in 2024. By following these recommendations, sellers can maximize their chances of a quick and profitable sale in the thriving California real estate market. For more information or to schedule an interview with the experts, please contact: Nick Carpenter The Legion of Loan Officers 720-704-3288 [email protected] About Central Valley Mortgage Group: Central Valley Mortgage Group is a leading Stockton California home loan company, specializing in helping home buyers get the best financing for their needs and homeowners refinance or access their home equity. With a team of experienced professionals, Central Valley Mortgage Group provides expert guidance and personalized service to clients across the state.
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