Capital Distribution Launches Revolutionary Smart Valve Solution, Saving Users on Water Costs

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USA News PR September 29, 2023
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Capital Distribution Launches Revolutionary Smart Valve Solution, Saving Users on Water Costs
Capital Distribution Launches Revolutionary Smart Valve Solution, Saving Users on Water Costs
Nationwide, September 29, 2023 ( - In today's world, rising utility costs have become a major concern for businesses and homeowners. Recognizing the need for an efficient and cost-effective solution, Capital Distribution has developed the Smart Valve. This state-of-the-art device utilizes advanced technology to optimize water usage, resulting in significant savings on water and sewer costs. With an average return on investment (ROI) of less than one year, the Smart Valve Solution is a game-changer in water management. The Smart Valve Solution offers users the ability to reduce their water costs substantially. By automatically regulating water flow and pressure at the meter, the device ensures that users are paying only for the water they utilize. Additionally, since sewer usage is typically based on water consumption, the Smart Valve Solution also reduces sewer costs. This innovative technology is compatible with a wide range of applications, including commercial buildings, residential complexes, and industrial facilities. One of the key advantages of the Smart Valve Solution is its rapid ROI. With typical savings of 15-25% (but as high as 50%) on water and sewer costs, users can expect to recoup their investment in less than a year. This makes the Smart Valve an attractive option for businesses and homeowners looking to reduce their operational expenses and improve their bottom line. "We are excited to introduce the Smart Valve Solution to the market," said Mike Stallings, Senior VP of Capital Distribution. "Water costs are a pressing issue, and our device offers a simple yet effective way to address it. By reducing costs, our customers can enjoy significant financial savings and stay ahead of the curve of rising water and sewer costs." You can also view an interactive presentation on the Smart Valve Solution by heading to it here! Capital Distribution's Smart Valve Solution is now available for purchase and installation. To learn more about this groundbreaking technology and how it can benefit your business or home, visit or contact them via phone at 201-690-6512 (option 1) or [email protected]. About Capital Distribution: Capital Distribution is a leading provider of innovative water management solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and cost-effective solutions, the company develops cutting-edge devices to help businesses and homeowners reduce their water and sewer costs. The Smart Valve Solution is the latest addition to their portfolio, offering users substantial savings and a rapid ROI.

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