Market Domination Solutions, LLC Announces Expansion of Services

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USA News PR July 08, 2023
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Market Domination Solutions, LLC Announces Expansion of Services

Market Domination Solutions, LLC Announces Expansion of Professional Referral Relationship Services and Enhanced Offerings in Healthcare, Financial, Mortgage, Real Estate, Coaching and Cybersecurity Services. Southampton, PA, July 8, 2023 ( – Market Domination Solutions, a leading provider of professional referral relationships, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its private network and service offerings and the introduction of additional service providers to its rapidly growing network that launched in 2004. Additional providers include: Chiropractors, Dentists, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Cybersecurity, Credit Repair, M&A, Merchant Processors and Business Coaches/Consultants. has a newly designed and updated website and new company software. There is an entirely new client experience that includes access to more referral relationship opportunities, “Expert Positioning”, and a tracking & enhanced communication portal to better help its clients generate more referral relationships and new clients. MDS Founder & CEO, Dr. Len Schwartz said, “After almost 20 years in business, over 10,000 referral relationships established and thousands of referrals exchanged, with a continued commitment to helping its clients achieve personal, professional and financial success, MDS’ goal is to provide our clients with dozens of sources of consistent new business through professional referral relationships. By investing back into the company, designing a new private platform for our clients’ experience and by offering programs like our proprietary ‘Reverse-the-Chase’ referral relationship process, Expert Positioning, tracking & enhanced communication portal, we are able to better help our clients generate more referral relationships and new clients. With a network of potentially millions of business owners and professionals, and a program that guarantees that our clients will secure at least 10 – 20 strong, reliable referral relationships within 90 days, we’re able to take over market share, hire the best employees and continue to be a leader & pioneer in the professional marketing space.” Because of its unique and proprietary systems and processes, MDS continues to pave the way for its clients to generate a dependable and predictable number of new clients/patients every month without marketing, prospecting or paid advertising. Key highlights of MDS’ expanded services and enhanced offerings include: 1. Client Education and Resources: MDS has significantly expanded its educational resources to empower clients with knowledge, skills and tools to effectively get dozens of successful professionals in their area to reach out to them directly with a request to talk about how they can work together – all without any cold outreach, marketing, social media or paid advertising. This ensures that clients secure dozens of referral relationships with other professionals. Clients get access to Videos, Downloads, Customized Recommendation Instructions, Detailed Expert Positioning Analysis and access to MDS’ VIP Coaching & Membership Site. These resources also include informative webinars and interactive tools to help clients understand how to develop an almost unlimited number of referral relationships, and make informed decisions. 2. Expert Positioning: Building upon its success as a leading organic marketing company, MDS has developed advanced strategies and technologies to help its clients secure their spot as the go-to expert in their profession, in their region. The company combines expert knowledge of high-level communication, market penetration and proactive content distribution to help clients achieve significant awareness and recognition as ‘the best’ and most qualified in their area. 3. Expanded Team of Experts: To deliver the highest level of service, MDS has strengthened its team with experienced specialists and client support professionals. These dedicated professionals work closely with clients, providing personalized guidance and support throughout their referral relationship and new client generation journey. "We are excited to announce the expansion of our services and the introduction of enhanced offerings to better serve our clients' needs," Schwartz said. “At MDS, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to control their professional and financial growth as well as the number of ideal clients/patients they acquire every month. With our expanded range of cutting-edge solutions and a team of experts, we are well-positioned to provide exceptional service and deliver measurable and predictable results for our valued clients for decades to come.” Dr. Len Schwartz and MDS remain committed to excellence and to their clients’ satisfaction; continuously striving to exceed expectations and lead the way in automating new client/patient attraction. For more information about MDS’s expanded services or to schedule an interview, please contact Jessica at 877-204-2739 x 149, [email protected] To explore the company's offerings and access valuable resources, visit MDS is a trusted provider of professional referral relationships and is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their desired goals in business by securing dozens of referral relationships so they have a solid foundation for a bright and successful future. With a focus on exceptional service, advanced strategies, and personalized guidance, MDS empowers clients to take control of their business growth and unlock new client generating opportunities. ###
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